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Charity Banners

There are all sorts of vulnerabilities that internet users are up against these days when it comes to becoming infected with a computer virus, worm, trojan, or other malicious software program, which makes avoiding threats considerably difficult, for even the most cautious of users.  One of the methods in which a hacker may infect a user with a particular type of spyware is through charity banners and charity banner websites.  The sad thing is, these individuals who download charity banners on their own websites or who click on a charity banner are usually well meaning people who do not have any clue that spyware may be attached to the specific banner.  It is not as if the individual with the charity banner on their website intentionally put it there, but rather the spyware may come attached to a free charity banner software program.  After the spyware is already attached to a specific banner it can infect others, and the owner of the site may not even realize what is going on until somebody complains.  The trouble is, even the individuals who become infected may not realize that they are infected, or may know that they are infected but do not have a clue as to where the infection came from.  For this reason, many charity banner spyware infections likely do not get complained about at all.  This is why hackers are so successful at infecting people’s computers through this method.  And once a user is infected the spyware, it can then steal the user’s personal and private information and do what it wants with it from there.

How to Get Infected/Symptoms

There really is only two ways to get infected with spyware associated with charity banners, and that is by either clicking on the infected charity banner or downloading an infected charity banner that has spyware attached to it.  And of course if you download an infected banner, then visitors to your website that click on the banner will also become infected.  Even if you have an anti-spyware program installed it may not recognize the threat as such and allow you to download the banner, which is why you have to be sure you are downloading such things from a trusted source.  And if you begin to notice your computer acting out of the ordinary you will want to run a scan with a removal program in order to determine if you have been attacked and your computer is infected.

Platforms Affected

While there are a very limited few of spyware programs out there that Macs are in serious danger of picking up, it is most often PC users that end up getting infected with spyware.  For that reason PC users should be particularly careful when it comes to charity banners, and should be more careful in general.

How to Remove Spyware Associated With Charity Banners

It is pretty much the consensus among computer users that the best way to get rid of spyware on your computer is with a removal program.  Manual removal is an option as well, but this is better left for those individuals with advanced computer skills.  As long as you get a removal program from a trusted source, you can be rid of spyware in a matter of minutes.

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